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Connections in colour

Following from an earlier piece on the unique features of individual brains, I thought I’d share these wonderful pictures with you. Using a technique called Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI), the neuroscientist Owen Phillips created the lowermost image by averaging the brain connectivity of 65 people. The image on top portrays Phillips’ own brain.


DTI renderings of brain connectivity (As if brain were cut down the midline and viewed from the side) Above image: Individual brain Below image: Average connectivity of 65 people (34F/35m)

The different colours in these pictures represent different directions of neuronal connections. So essentially, what you’re seeing here is the difference between the wiring of Phillips’ own brain compared to the average of 65 other brains. Very cool.

Phillips has done some other great artistic work with brain imaging technologies. If you like your pictures, as I certainly do, his website is well worth the gander.



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