Last night I took to the cinema to see the recently released action movie “Lucy”. I was well aware of the glaring falsity that made up the premise of the plot–the fictitious idea that we only use 10% of our brains at any one time–before even entering the cinema, but had convinced myself I could ignore this little annoyance and enjoy the action, acting and directing in and of itself.

And in fact I was enjoying it all for quite a bit. Scarlett Johansson (as Lucy) was as wonderful as ever, the music was great, the special effects were very cool, all was going well…

Until, Morgan Freeman.

Playing a college academic, Freeman utterly and unconditionally betrayed my faith in him as Hollywoods’ emblem of wisdom, insight, goodness and understanding. Somehow the words “imagine what we could do if we unlocked the full potential of our brains” were all the more excruciating when emanating from the knowing, dulcet timbre of Freeman’s voice.

For those of you who have watched or are planning to watch the movie, I urge you too to take caution, do not be fooled by Freeman’s worldly tones and sagacious presence, just concentrate on those special effects, the action, the direction and Johanssons abilty to kick-ass



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2 responses to “LUCY LIES

  1. Stanislava

    It is weird that a pretty good movie with great actors would make such a misleading statement over and over during the course of the show. You are absolutely right, we DO use virtually every part of our brain all the time. I liked the show because ( at least in my case ) it opened a whole new set of questions and got me search the internet and get educated about things I have previously not even thought of ( like do we really use only 10% of our brain, which is completely false )

    If they wanted to blame our lack of ability to control metal, electricity, or time travel, they should have simply say that THAT part of our brain is somehow locked to our use at the moment or something, instead of giving people misleading ideas that we are somehow only few steps above a cave man with our brain use.

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  2. Stanislava

    Reblogged this on From Hawaii, with love and commented:
    sadly very true, LUCY (the movie ) does lie.

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